Against all odds, there it is-the Aurora Borealis in New Albany MS



SkyWatchers who took their cameras into the night last night and early this morning were rewarded with photos of something their naked eyes could barely see, if at all, the Aurora Borealis, known as the Northern Lights.

The level 4 geomagnetic storm forecast by NOAA did, indeed, produce magic against all odds, and has been upgraded to a level 5.

  • The ongoing geomagnetic storm is now “extreme,” or level 5 out of 5, the Space Weather Prediction Center said Friday night. This is the first G5-level storm since October 2003.

If you missed it, it is possible you may still be able to catch photos over the weekend. Yes, even if you can’t see it with your naked eyes.

Most of the photos in the gallery with this post were taken about 1:45 a.m. with an IPhone 15 plus set to a 3 second exposure. It was pointed toward the north, over the roof, from the deck of a home in New Albany’s Northside neighborhood, surrounded by trees and street lights.

Many SkyWatchers in north east Mississippi were posting photos taken earlier in the evening showing some of the movement and mix of hues typical of the Northern Lights. NOAA is still predicting the possibility of geomagnetic activity through the weekend.

The Aurora Borealis in New Albany MS 5-11-2024:

What is causing the Northern Lights in the Deep South:


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