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Mississippi healthcare: What were they thinking?

How can the poor’s healthcare crisis spill over to the not-so-poor? A little Mississippi political history There are a lot of really cool things about Mississippi, but our healthcare system is not among them. As leaders of the nation’s “poorest and sickest” state, Governor Phil Bryant and his Lieutenant, Tate Reeves, have made political decisions […]

Signs in New Albany, Theatre of the Absurd

Tuesday night at New Albany City Hall I may have witnessed a real life example of a term that has puzzled me for years. That term is “Theater of the Absurd,” a label describing several puzzling mid-twentieth century plays by European playwrights, most notably Irishman Samuel Beckett, who wrote “Waiting for Godot.”  I was still […]

It won’t be long now*

For more than two months, getting to and from Baptist Memorial Hospital has been inconvenient for many motorists. The most direct route to the hospital from downtown New Albany has been closed due to the replacement of an old bridge. Sources at New Albany city hall now say they expect the work to be complete […]

Two bridges, one old, one new

Both bridges are of the about the same length, one 72 feet long, the other about 80 feet. One is about 3,500 years old. The other is still being built. Before it was occupied by Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria or Greece, the Hellenic Peninsula was the home of the Mycenaean civilization. Their’s was a sophisticated civilization […]

“Go Set a Watchman” might be ultimate ‘victimless crime’

According to Bloomberg Business, Nelle Harper Lee’s newly released book “Go Set a Watchman”  is Harper-Collins’ most pre-ordered book ever. Harper-Collins is selling the book for around $20 in bookstores across the country. At that price, its first run printing of 2 million books, if sold out, could pour $40 million into their coffers. I […]

Imperfect Politicians, Cleveland through first Roosevelts

American politicians’ scandals and foibles Grover Cleveland: first to be publicly accused of sexual impropriety Stephen Grover Cleveland was both the 22nd and 24th president of the United States, the only one to serve two non-consecutive terms in the White House. Only two politicians have risen so rapidly from obscurity to the presidency as Cleveland: Woodrow […]


Imperfect American politicians: babies and bathwater?

“…the haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy” Senator Cochran’s marriage last week to Kay Webber revived gossip about whether their relationship before his wife’s death had offended Puritan sensibilities. Cochran lost consortium with his wife at least a decade and a half before last year’s election battle. During the campaign, Cochran’s Tea Party […]