Lee County Sheriff Warns of Scam Calls

Tupelo- The Lee County Sheriff’s office released a statement saying that they have received several calls about a new scam. The scammers are telling residents that they are with the Sheriff’s Department. People are being told they have outstanding warrants that need to be paid. Citizens are then being told to go to retail stores and place money on prepaid cards. After loading the card, they are instructed to call the scammers and give them the card numbers.

The Sheriff’s Department has assured that this is a scam. They are advising people not to go through with these instructions if called.

A detective for the department, speaking to NEMiss.news, said that if citizens are contacted, they should report the call to the local police or sheriff’s department. He said, “If you haven’t been scammed, no crime has been committed.”  He then told citizens to report these calls so local law enforcement agencies are aware of the problem.

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