Make Matt proud: Get in your safe places today (and FAQs about sheltering in place)

, threatening weather tornado alerts

Editor’s note: Most people in these parts take tornadoes seriously, especially those who have had up close and personal experience with one. They appreciate the dedication of  Matt Laubhan (and others) to their safety. They pay attention when he says “OK, it’s time for you and your families to be in your safe places.” 

Far fewer lives are lost these days because of the ability to, at least somewhat, predict when and where a dangerous storm may strike. Many people follow the ” better safe than sorry” rule.

On Wednesday April 1st, state officials concerned for our health told us to be in our safe places, beginning at 5:00 PM tonight. True, this is not Matt cajoling and encouraging us to take action for our own safety. This is the government laying down the law – thankfully, not a frequent happening in our lives. 

Don’t think of it as being “stuck” at home. Think of it as being “safe” at home. Make Matt proud.


Frequently asked questions about sheltering in place

Union County Emergency Management Director Curt Clayton has issued information and answers to frequently-asked questions about the governor’s shelter in place order. Below is the release:



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