Mississippi magician to make national debut on Penn and Teller TV show

NEMiss.News MS magician Bentley Burns


Mississippi now has its very own talented magician, who is soon going to be featured in one of the biggest magic-competition TV shows in the country, Penn and Teller: Fool Us. He is a 30-year old illusionist by the name of Bentley Burns.

Often hailed as the ‘new generation of magic’, Burns has been a professional magician for the last 18 years. The nickname comes from his modern and fresh approach to magic that keeps his audiences on the edge of their seats with his bewitching and humorous tricks.

Burns has appeared on several other TV shows in the past and performs live shows at theaters and colleges across the country. He has an award-winning show where he leaves the audience full of awe and laughter. In 2009, Burns was also voted first by fellow magicians for his talent and his love for magic, and has since gone on to win five awards in total.

Born in Mississippi, near the birthplace of Rock and Roll and Elvis Presley, Bentley Burns has been a true admirer of magic and the art of illusions right from his childhood. At the age of 5, he attended one of the shows by the legendary magician David Copperfield.

Seven years later, Burns went to a magic shop for the first time. By then, he was already hooked on his dream of becoming a successful magician. His background in theater further bolstered his confidence to perform in front of live audiences.

Burns, known as the “nice guy” of magic, flew to Las Vegas to show the bad boys of magic, Penn and Teller, his trick to try and fool them. This is season 8 of the CW show and is set at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

Bentley’s episode will air on national TV on February 25th at 7 PM CT. In the episode, he will challenge the two top-tier illusionists, who will then try to reveal the real trick in code behind Bentley’s performance.

“It’s a show I’ve wanted to be on since it started and now that I got the chance it was a dream come true.”, says Burns, who is very excited about representing Mississippi on Penn and Teller: Fool Us.

“I really wanted to show them a taste of Mississippi and all the things we have to offer. Did I fool them? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out”.

To learn more about Bentley Burns, click here www.BentleyBurns.com