New Albany Fire and Rescue in Union Co. MS Goes Above and Beyond for Community Safety in State of Emergency.

NEMiss.News NAFD at roof collapse, Carter Ave


The New Albany Mississippi Fire and Rescue department is a shining example of dedication and service to their community. Not only do they bravely extinguish fires and rescue people in need, but also, when the community is enduring stressful situations like our current lengthy period of extreme cold, they take on various additional roles. They serve as handymen, repairmen, plumbers, and even news reporters. This exceptional team goes the extra mile to ensure the safety, protection, and informed well-being of the community they serve. Their dedication is reflected in the community’s excellent fire insurance rates, as well as in their esteemed reputation in the community at large.

When it comes to firefighting, the New Albany Mississippi Fire and Rescue department is second to none. Their highly trained and skilled firefighters fearlessly battle flames, risking their own safety to protect lives and property. Whether it’s a small house fire or a large-scale emergency, they respond promptly and efficiently, ensuring that the community remains safe. However, what sets this department apart is their willingness to take on additional responsibilities. They don’t limit themselves to firefighting alone. The team members of New Albany Mississippi Fire and Rescue are always ready to lend a helping hand.

The dedication of the New Albany Mississippi Fire and Rescue department goes far beyond their official duties. They genuinely care about the well-being of the community and are always ready to lend a helping hand, participate in health and wellness events, stress fire safety to school children, etc. Whether it’s assisting elderly residents, organizing community events, or providing support during natural disasters, they are there to support and protect the community in any way they can.

In addition to their firefighting skills, the department also plays a vital role in keeping the community informed. They act as news reporters, providing up-to-date information on fire safety and community events.  They stress general emergency preparedness by providing access to and installation of smoke detectors, issuing pertinent reminders on matters of general safety as the need arises, and more. Through their proactive engagement, they ensure that the residents of New Albany stay well-informed and educated about potential risks and preventive measures.

The New Albany Mississippi Fire and Rescue department exemplifies the true meaning of service and devotion. Their commitment to the community extends beyond fighting fires and rescuing people. They are the Ultimate Fire and Rescue Team. The residents of New Albany are fortunate to have such an exceptional team dedicated to their safety and well-being.

Kenny Stancil
Kenny S Studio , Union County MS.
WRN Ambassador- Union County, MS.

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