Union Co. Supervisors address Portable Homes, other business at first meeting of 2024


The board of Supervisors held first meeting of the 2024 year on January 2.

The meeting opened up with a public hearing to discuss Mobile Home Ordinance and Portable Home Ordinance. There were no members of the public in  attendance, the supervisors amended the mobile home code to also include portable homes.

The Supervisor recently made new appointments to various county positions, each carrying a 4-year term of service.

Appointments as follows:

County Administrator – Terry Johnson

Board Attorney – Chandler Rogers

Comptroller – Brittany Roberson

Larry Britt with Elliott & Britt – County Engineer

EMA Director – Curt Clayton

Road Manager – Scottie Wigington

Purchase Clerk – Tammy Flowers

Brittany Roberson – Assistant Purchase Clerk

Lisa Latham – Inventory Clerk

Curt Clayton – Receiving Clerk

Assistant Receiving Clerks (14,)

Arson Investigator -Eric Flowers

Volunteer Fire Coordinator – Butch Cobb

E-911 Addressing Officer, Mobile Home and Tiny Home Officer, and Animal Control    Officer – Curt Clayton

Veteran Service Officer – Mike Bennett

Justice Court Clerk – Mary Katherine (Katie) Hale

The Chancery Clerk received approval for their semi-annual payment as Clerk of the Board, in accordance with Miss. Code 25-7-9.

The County Depository bids were also discussed.

Additionally, the Second Quarterly Budgets for the Tax Assessor/Collector, Sheriff’s Department, and Jail were approved, with specific amounts allocated for each:

  • Tax Collector – $204,724.00,
  • Sheriff’s Department – $769,395.00, and
  • Jail – $394,892.00.

The Circuit Clerk also obtained approval for various matters. ‘

  • This includes authorizing a compensation of $5,000.00 per year for the Circuit Clerk’s duties related to elections and other responsibilities, as per Miss. Code 23-15-225.
  • The salary of the County Registrar was authorized, with a range of $9,660.00 to $19,320.00 per year, in compliance with Miss. Code 23-15-225.

In recent updates, the Road Department held discussions on various matters, including:

  • the Chem-Pro Professional Services Agreement for 2024 Weed Control Services for county roads’ right-of-way.
  • They also received approval for the Four-Year Road Plan and Inspections.
  • There were discussions on purchasing a pick-up on State Contract
  • Discussion of acquiring a 20′ x 5′ trailer, and
  • Discussion of obtaining quotes for culverts.

The Sheriff’s Department

  • Discussed quotes for repairing or purchasing a new washer for the Jail.
  • Received approval for a longevity pay increase for Ryan Frazier, effective January 6, 2024.
  • Received approval for employment changes for several individuals, including promotions from Sergeant to Lieutenant and Corporal to Sergeant.

The Board of Supervisors recessed to Tuesday, January 16, 2024.

Meeting Agenda 1-2-2024: Union co sup1-2-24_20240119_0001

Full meeting video (Kenny S Studio)

–Kendall Stancil

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