New Albany Mayor and Board of Aldermen Address Community Concerns and Approve Key Projects

NEMiss.News Terry Young at City Board Feb. 2024


The Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of New Albany met on February 6, 2024, to discuss a range of important topics. The meeting covered personal appearances, property hearings, and departmental business, highlighting the city’s commitment to addressing community concerns and advancing key infrastructure projects related to the well-being of its residents.

During the meeting, Terry Young addressed the board regarding seating at the New Albany High School baseball field, focusing on  the importance of providing a comfortable and safe environment for spectators.

The Fire Department provided an update on the Mississippi State Ratings Bureau, emphasizing the city’s dedication to maintaining high standards of fire safety.

One significant decision made during the meeting was the approval of a pay request of $273,231.40 to Atwell & Gent Engineering Services for design services for the NA Electrical Communication project. This project aims to enhance the city’s electrical communication infrastructure with the ability to read meters remotely.

Grays Power Supply was awarded $5,529,529.55 for the Communication System Construction Contract marking a significant step forward in improving communication infrastructure within the city. 

Additionally, the board approved several other pay requests, including:

  • $938,512.43 to Irby Utility Services for Phase 1 materials for the electric system project,
  • $132,707.44 to CMS Telecon Services for backup batteries for the electric system communication project Fiber huts,
  • $50,533.62 to Netceed for racking and internal components for the electric system communication project Fiber huts,
  • $46,677.50 to AsB Construction for the EWP project to repair a sewer line washout on Kings Creek.

The meeting also included a review of the consent agenda, which involved the approval/correction of January 2024 claims and the approval of January 3, 2024, minutes.

The meeting concluded with discussions on action agenda items, such as the storm shelter and re-district update.

An executive session was also held to discuss a sensitive matter related to the 911 relocation proposal.

— Kendall Stancil

Link to video of meeting  providedbyKennySStudio:

Meeting Agenda: City Aldermen Agenda 2-6-2024


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