Union County Board of Supervisors Meeting Highlights – February 5, 2024

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In the February 5, 2024 Union County Board of Supervisors meeting, several important agenda items were discussed and approved. These included the approval of claims docket payments, statement of expenditures for various departments, appointment of representatives, and more.

Consent Agenda

The Board approved various items on the Consent Agenda, such as the claims docket payments for January 2024, statements of expenditures for the Tax Office, Sheriff’s Department, and Jail, as well as the meal log for the Jail. Additionally, the Board approved the minutes from January 2024 and the Road Department work schedule for February 2024.

Sam Taylor was appointed as the representative for the Local Workforce Development Area Chief Elected Officials Board. The Board also approved surety bonds for elected and appointed officials, excluding Supervisors’ bonds. The Chancery Clerk was tasked with approving the Supervisors’ bonds.

Renewal of Hospital Lease Agreement

The Board acknowledged a letter from Baptist Memorial Hospital Corporation regarding the renewal of the Hospital Lease Agreement. The agreement, which has been in effect for 35 years, will be renewed for an additional 15 years, starting from May 1, 2024.

County Courts and Departments

The Circuit Clerk accepted petitions for candidates for Election Commissioners in Districts 1, 3, and 5.  The E-911 department received approval for a $21,600 service and maintenance agreement with ComSouth for their equipment and CAD system. The Library was granted a manual check of $25,700.80 for the renovation of their bathrooms.

The Union County Park Commission’s Annual Report for the 2022 and 2023 Fiscal Year was approved. The Road Department received approval for an Auctioneers Contract and a Letter of Credit set at $20,000.00. The Sheriff’s Department gained approval for the employment of Brian Spencer as a full-time Deputy, as well as inventory deletions from both the Sheriff’s Department and the Jail. The Solid Waste department was granted approval for the employment of James “Sonny” Cornelius.

The Tax Office had the December Surrendered Tag List approved, along with ten petitions for the reduction of assessments.

The meeting concluded with a recess until February 20, 2024.

Meeting Agenda: Union Co. Supv 2-5-2024

–Kendall Stancil


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