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NEMiss.News Walmart Wellness Day


As the country continues to make health and safety a top priority in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and with the anticipation of a busy flu season, Walmart is focused on providing accessible and affordable immunizations and vaccines for customers.


Walmart’s quarterly Wellness Day on Saturday, Sept. 25 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. will turn into a special immunization event in more than 4,700 pharmacies across the country. Customers can walk-in to receive a variety of immunizations from COVID-19 to flu to any of the others we offer.


Our goal is to make this easy and convenient. Insurance is not required to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, which is available at no cost, and other vaccines are covered under most major insurance plans.


During this free, one-day event, families can get all the below in one easy location:

  • Flu shots and no-cost COVID-19 vaccines
  • Affordable immunizations, including measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), varicella (chicken pox), HPV, tetanus, whooping cough (TDAP) and more at pharmacies nationwide
  • Wellness resources + opportunity to talk with pharmacists


Customers can find a free event near them at the Wellness Day Locator on Walmart.com/wellnesshub.


–Andrea Morris

on behalf of Walmart

Fmr prosecutor: Trump may be ‘culpable’ in Capitol riot. Ex-intel chief talks UFOs. EU, UK sanction China over Uighurs. Rich countries “block” vaccine production in 3rd world.


Fmr prosecutor: Trump may be ‘culpable’ in Capitol riot

Former acting DC US attorney Michael Sherwin says former President Trump may be ‘culpable’ for the events of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Sherwin headed the investigation into the riots before stepping down from his post on Friday.

In a 60 Minutes interview yesterday, Sherwin said: “What I could tell you is this: Based upon what we see in the public record and what we see in public statements in court, we have plenty of people.-we have soccer moms from Ohio that were arrested saying, ‘Well, I did this because my president said I had to take back our house.’ That moves the needle towards that direction,” referring to Trump’s culpability in the riots.

Sherwin also said that sedition charges may be possible for some of the 400 people, so far, being investigated in connection with the riot. Charges of sedition, or opposing the authority of the US government through force, are rarely invoked. But in the case of the armed infiltrators, Sherwin said, “I believe the facts do support those charges”.

Sherwin also confirmed that two rioters who bear-sprayed Officer Brian Sicknick, who later died, could face murder charges if the chemical attack is linked to his death. Sicknick’s cause of death has not been released.

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Ex-intel chief: “a lot more” UFO sightings than the public know about

Donald Trump’s former intelligence director John Ratcliffe told Fox News on Sunday that there have been “a lot more” UFO sightings by military personnel and satellites than have been made public. One of the many unlikely provisions tucked into December’s COVID package requires the various US intelligence services to make a full report to Congress on UFO phenomena by June.

Ratcliffe claims the upcoming report will include previously unknown sightings from “all over the world”. He clarifies that report includes objects observed by military pilots or satellites “that frankly engage in actions that are difficult to explain”. This includes, “movements that are hard to replicate, that we don’t have the technology for. Or traveling at speeds that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom”.

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EU, UK impose sanctions over China’s Uighur genocide

With more evidence coming to light about China’s treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang, the EU and UK have at last joined the US in imposing sanctions. The sanctions target the same local officials in Xinjiang province that the US previously sanctioned. This marks the first time the UK or EU have imposed sanctions on China for human rights violations. Neither institution has taken a similar action for suppression of pro-democracy protesters and politicians in Hong Kong.

The sanctions are a pleasant surprise for human rights campaigners who feared the EU and UK would bow to economic pressure. The EU has already negotiated a trade deal with China, but has not yet ratified it. Meanwhile, UK officials have been holding closed-door talks hoping to set up a similar treaty.

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WHO: rich nations “block” vaccine production in developing world

According to a leaked document from the World Health Organization, wealthy nations are blocking proposals that would help poor nations boost their vaccine manufacturing capabilities.

Experts are concerned that vaccine production is only at about a third of what is necessary to achieve global immunity. Meanwhile, the virus continues to circulate and evolve unchecked in poor countries.

Vaccine production normally requires the rights to use patented formulas as well as access the knowledge about the necessary technology. While the WHO can’t sidestep patents, the agency has been negotiating with vaccine-producing countries to find a workaround for poorer countries. The negotiating brief indicates that the EU, UK and US are resisting the plan.

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Cuomo faces impeachment probe. Poll: majority of Americans want limits on unvaccinated people. Hong Kongers protest EU-China deal. Nations pause AstraZeneca jabs over clot fears.


Cuomo facing impeachment investigation

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has had a hard fall from grace after raising his national profile immensely during the height of his state’s COVID crisis last year. In recent weeks, at least 6 women who have worked for Cuomo have come forward to accuse him of sexual harassment and even assault.

In addition to the sexual misconduct allegations, questions have arisen about the governor’s efforts to bury reports of out-of-control nursing home deaths. Yesterday, New York Assembly speaker Carl Heastie authorized the the Judiciary Committee to open an investigation into misconduct allegations against Cuomo which may lead to impeachment. It appears at the moment that the probe will focus on the sexual misconduct rather than the nursing home deaths.

Cuomo has remained defiant despite many of the state’s prominent Democratic politicians, including NYC mayor Bill DiBlasio, calling on him to resign. The majority of the state’s Assembly have also called on him to step down.

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Poll: Americans support barring unvaccinated people from offices, travel

A Reuters poll indicates that an increasing number of Americans are willing to get COVID vaccines. The poll was small (just over 1000 participants) but the sampling is geographically representative. According to the results, 54% of respondents were “very interested” in getting vaccinated. This is a significant increase over a similar survey conducted in January when only 41% expressed similar interest. Still, 27% said they were not at all interested in getting vaccinate, a number that has remained relatively unchanged since May last year.

The results also point to changing social attitudes as the US slowly emerges from the pandemic. A majority of participants said they were in favor of limiting the ways unvaccinated people mix in public. 72% felt it was important to know “if the people around me have been vaccinated”. 62% said that unvaccinated people should not be allowed to travel on airplanes. 55% were in favor of restricting unvaccinated people’s access to public gyms, movie theaters and concerts.

The poll may also have implications for eventual returns to workplaces. 60% of respondents said they wanted their employers to require :everyone to get a coronavirus vaccine before returning to the office” while 56% thought unvaccinated workers should stay home.

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Hong Kong activists urge halt to EU-China deal

Hong Kong democracy activists are calling on the EU to delay signing a massive trade deal with China. The activists fear that ratifying the deal will sap any political will in the EU to challenge China’s authoritarian grip on Hong Kong. Recently, Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing government proposed to force the island’s lawmakers to sign a loyalty pledge to Beijing. The Mainland Chinese parliament has also just passed a raft of reforms that will permanently overturn Hong Kong’s semi-autonomous rule. Activists hope that the EU and other international powers can use their influence to withdraw these reforms as well as a controversial security law.

Many fear that China’s growing global economic and military power will silence international criticism of other humanitarian abuses. Notably, a legal report found that China is breaching every article in the genocide convention in its treatment of its Uighur minority. 

At present, the US seems to be the only major world power willing to condemn China’s abuses of the Uighurs and Tibetans. President Biden is currently planning a virtual summit with Japan, Australia and India, China’s most powerful neighbors, to build bolster economic cooperation to rival China’s growing influence.


Denmark, Thailand pause AstraZeneca vaccinations over clot fears

Denmark has temporarily halted vaccinations with the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab after several recipients formed blood clots. One of these patients has reportedly died. The national health service stressed that the pause was temporary to give researchers time to investigate these cases. The agency stressed there was no firm link has been established between the vaccinations and the clots and there was “good evidence that the vaccine is both safe and effective”. The situation will be reassessed in two weeks’ time.

Six other European countries have stopped using a batch of AstraZeneca doses over similar concerns. The scare has also halted the start of Thailand’s vaccine rollout.

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Cartels issue color-coded wristbands to migrants. House to vote on stimulus today. China, Russia to build lunar base. UK denies EU’s vaccine export ban claim. 


Cartels issue color-coded wristbands to migrants

Border agents and immigration officials have noticed a curious trend among migrants being smuggled across the border. Migrants of all ages are arriving with plastic wristbands of various colors, which they often discard as soon as they cross into the US.

Matthew Dyman, a spokesman for US Customs and Border Protection, says the, “information on the bracelets represents a multitude of data that is used by smuggling organizations, such as payment status or affiliation with smuggling groups”.

Central American migrants hoping to reach the US border may pay thousands of dollars to people smugglers to escort them safely. The people smugglers, or “coyotes”, in turn have to pay cartels for safe passage through various cartel-controlled territories when moving people through Mexico towards the border crossings. When part of the journey is completed, the coyote and migrants then receive new bracelets of a different color to show they’re paid up for the next leg of the journey. The final bracelet, purple in some cases, shows that the migrant has paid for passage across a cartel-controlled border crossing.

Failure at any stage by the coyote or migrants to adhere to this makeshift accounting system can have deadly consequences. One coyote told reporters that the cartels “are putting these (bracelets) on so there aren’t killings by mistake”.  In January, 40 migrants were massacred in Reynosa, just across the border from McAllen, TX.

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House to vote on stimulus today

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi expects to being the $1.9T stimulus bill for a vote in the House today. The Senate already approved the bill over the weekend, so the next stop after the House is the president’s desk. The White House says Biden will likely sign it later this week after a final check.

Most expect the bill to pass in the House along party lines, as it did in the Senate. Republicans in both houses have staunchly opposed the bill, despite 60% support among their voters. Democratic voter support is even higher at 76%.

Republicans argue that the bill is too expensive and that the worst of the COVID crisis has passed. Recent polls suggest this is not the case for many Americans, financially speaking.

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China, Russia to build lunar base

China and Russia have agreed to build a research station either on the surface or in orbit of the moon. Neither agency offered a timeline for the construction of the base. The China National Space Administration said that the base would be open to use by other countries as well. The CNSA statement said that the base would carry out “scientific research activities such as the lunar exploration and utilization, lunar-based observation, basic scientific experiment and technical verification”.

Last month, probes from the US, China and the UAE all arrived in orbit of Mars within days of one another. This achievement, a first for China, signals the nation’s ambition to catch up to the technical achievements of the US. The announcement of the lunar base seems to echo this, since NASA announced plans last year to build a lunar base by the end of this decade.

China’s manufacturing has quickly achieved parity with other space exploring countries, but is well behind in innovation. The CNSA has worked extensively with Russia and other countries to kickstart its space propulsion program. China’s Shenzhou spaceships still closely resemble Russia’s Soyuz capsules.

But Congress has banned nearly all cooperation between CNSA and NASA. The US has repeatedly protested China’s policies encouraging technology theft and has concerns about the secretive, militaristic nature of China’s space program.

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UK denies EU vaccine export ban accusation

After the EU imposed vaccine export controls and blocked a shipment of vaccines to Australia, European Council President Charles Michel was “shocked” to hear the bloc accused of “vaccine nationalism”. In response, Michel accused the UK and US of imposing an “outright ban on the export of vaccines or vaccine components produced on their territory”.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab called Michel’s claim false. Raab wrote to Michel demanding that he “set the record straight”. He wrote that the UK “has not blocked the export of a single COVID-19 vaccine or vaccine components”.

In response, Michel tweeted that there are “different ways of imposing bans or restrictions on vaccines/medicines”, but did not elaborate.

The EU has faced criticism both for its comparatively slow vaccine roll-out and for its unilateral imposition of “export controls”. Most controversial of these was an override of Northern Ireland protocols in last year’s Brexit agreement. The proposed regulation would have allowed the EU to block vaccine transfers from Ireland to Northern Ireland. EU policymakers withdrew this proposal after an outcry.

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NEMiss.news Baptist Union Co. Covid Vaccine


WHAT:   Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County is offering COVID-19 vaccinations to health care professionals and adults 75 years of age and older in the community.

 Appointments are required and limited, and can be scheduled by calling 662-538-2118.  Participants will be monitored for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine.  The Moderna, Inc. vaccine, which was authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on December 18, 2020, consists of two doses that are administered 28 days apart.


WHEN:           Beginning Monday, January 11 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm


WHERE:        Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County

                        200 Hwy. 30 West

New Albany, MS 38652

                        Participants will enter to the left of the front entrance near the cafeteria. 



 BACKGROUND: Baptist Memorial Health Care treated the first COVID-19 patient in Shelby County in March 2020 and was among the first health care organizations to stand up a Coronavirus Resource Center for the public. Baptist has performed more than 400,000 COVID tests since March, including over 11,000 in Union County. For more information, please visit www.baptistonline.org/covid19.