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NEMiss.news Community Center renovation continues

Crews were paving areas with brick and adding landscape vegetation Monday around the New Albany Community Center.

New walkway areas have been added with safer steps to the street and plaza areas are now in front of and on the west side of the building. Architect Sam Creekmore, who designed the update, said he is planning another plaza type of area on the north side of the building. The lower level of the block has had new playground and picnic equipment added with existing equipment being renovated. Some trees have been planted as well and some off-street parking is planned for the upper area.

The building will remain handicapped-accessible, of course, but the old wrought iron posts will be replaced with sold posts and some of the other incompatible features changed.

Inside, the building has new handicapped-accessible restrooms, new floor and ceiling and the former stage area was removed to provide more room. The kitchen was removed along with the stage area and a new kitchen created on what used to be the north porch of the building.

A grant from Toyota helped pay for the playground equipment. Mayor Tim Kent said the city had been putting some tourism tax money aside for a few years to pay for the community center renovation.

The community center should be ready for public use at about the first of the year.

Below are more photos of the work being done:

Interest in using the community center, or community house to many New Albanians, has been increasing and is expected to grow more thanks to work being done there.

The interior of the more than 60-year-old building has been redone with a new ceiling, floor, walls and handicapped-accessible restrooms.

The old kitchen was removed and a more suitable version was constructed on what was once the north porch. The stage at the east end was removed along with associated walls so the entire area is now an open rectangle and appears much, much larger than before. Mayor Tim Kent said it could probably seat 200 easily, once COVID rules are relaxed.

The work this week involved new exterior concrete steps and curved walkways, some of which will be bricked. Landscaping will be added as well.

In addition to the new walk and steps leading to the building, a patio is being added on the edge of the bank west of the building and overlooking the play area.

New play equipment has been installed on the lower part of the park and the large piece of equipment that was there has been renovated and painted for a new look.

Benches and picnic tables are going to be added and some trees have been planted around the perimeter.

Mayor Kent said some off-street parking probably will be added in the area north of the building where the swimming pool used to be.

A Toyota grant helped fund the playground equipment but the building and exterior work is being paid for with tourism tax money. Kent said they have been putting some money away every year for a few years for the project.

The community house should be ready for use after the first of the year and will be a good alternative to the Magnolia Room at the civic center because it is so much larger.

This plan shows the location of the various new elements.