The Union Co. Board give Chancery Judges raises, pledge funds for NALGW broadband

NEMiss.News Supervisors meeting 7-3-23



The Chancery Clerk has approved the County Budget Comparison Report for June 2023.

The Board discussed a potential increase in the budget for Chancery Court Judges, totaling $9000. As the district now provides staff attorneys, rather than just a paralegal or administrator, the board approved this increase.

The County Administrator has obtained approval to allocate the 4th quarter budget as follows:

– Tax Office: $192,380

– Sheriff’s Dept.: $862,112.85

– Jail Budget: $611,878

The board passed a resolution to support grant funding for the NALG&W/ACE Broadband Project, pledging $1,000,000.

The board also amended the budget for roughly $7,000 for consumable supplies for the Election Department and approved a supplement for a 4-H employee.

Employment for Steven Bagwell at Solid Waste was authorized. The Union County School Budget and Tax Request were accepted. Additionally, a manual check for $241 was approved to rectify a clerical error with the State Treasurer.

The Emergency Management Agency discussed paying for travel expenses for EMA Search and Rescue Divers who will be traveling to Pelham, Alabama on August 8-10. They also obtained approval for a manual check of $70,552.50 for a truck at Cannon and $9,442.50 for a bed from Aerial Truck Equipment.

The Road Department received approval for a manual check of $2,000.00 to be paid to Chism & Chism Construction Co. for cleaning ditches and tree removal on CR 224. Supervisors discussed culvert quotes and approved a Professional Service Contract with Chem-Pro for roadside vegetation management. The chemical specified in the contract only kills weeds, not grass. The department also approved the use of an alternate bidder for liquid asphalt and will purchase and replace a John Deere tractor currently on a state contract.

The Tax Office received approval for petitions for reduction and increases in assessments. They obtained approval for travel and lodging for Tameri Dunnam to attend the MACA Summer Conference in Biloxi, MS and for reimbursement of overpaid taxes. The board also approved the Surrendered Tag List for June 2023, discussed and granted three Industrial Ad Valorem Tax Exemptions for 10-year exemptions, and approved the 2023 Industrial Ad Valorem Tax Exemptions. Lastly, they approved a contract with Tri-State Consulting Services for mapping maintenance.

The Fire Department was approved to receive a manual check of $371,600 to purchase a fire truck. They also received approval to apply for the Rural Fire Truck Acquisition Assistance Program to receive a truck that will be provided to the East Union department.

Both board meetings also approved several routine matters.

The next Union County Board of Supervisors meeting is scheduled for August 7, 2023, at 10 AM at the Chancery Clerk building.image0.jpeg

-Kendall Stancil

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