Tupelo City Council remembers 9-11, addresses employees’ retirement, replacement and reappointments

NEMiss.News Tupelo City Board meeting Sept. 7, 2021


By Nicole Milev
All members of the Tupelo City Council were present for the September 7th meeting, except Ward 6 Councilwoman Janet Gaston, who was not well. Gaston followed the meeting by electronic “virtual” means.

Mayor Jordan recalled the events of September 11, 2001 as a “time to remember” and praised the work of the Tupelo Fire Department, and asked meeting attendees to consider attending the 5th Tupelo Firefighter Memorial Stair Climb that took place on Saturday, September 11.

He also remarked on the retirement of long-time Downtown Tupelo Main Street Executive Director, Debbie Brangenberg. He introduced her with, “All good things must come to an end,” praising her 30-year long service to the city of Tupelo.

Brangenberg, describing the passion she felt for her work, described her role as director as “too fun to call a job.” She thanked her team, the mayor, and the city council for their support during her service, which will come to an end on October 1, 2021.

Lucia Randle has been named as her successor by Mayor Jordan. Jordan said he feels Randle “is an obvious choice to lead Tupelo’s Main Street program. She brings a wealth of city administration experience and familiarity to her new role, as gained from her previous City of Tupelo Communication Director position.”

Mayor Jordan also reappointed all members of the Tupelo municipal court, declaring that “you can’t have one without the other.”

John Knight has been reappointed as Municipal Court Administrator. Rhonda Cole has been reappointed as municipal court clerk. Willie C. Allen has been reappointed as municipal court judge. James (Jay) Weir Jr. has been reappointed as municipal judge. Richard Babb has been reappointed as municipal prosecutor. Dennis Farris has been reappointed as public defender.

Mayor Jordan commented that these men and women are “professionals beyond anyone he has seen.”

The next scheduled meeting of the Tupelo City Council will be on Tuesday, September 21.

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