Union Co. Supervisors buy dump trucks, approve allowing partial property tax payments

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The UNION COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS held their bimonthly meeting on November 6, 2023.

During the meeting, they addressed routine items such as the approval of expenditures for the Tax Office and Sheriff’s Department from October 2023, the approval of the Jail’s meal log from October 2023, the approval of claims docket payments from October 2023, the approval of board minutes from October 2023, the approval of the Road Department work schedule for November 2023, the approval of the 90-day delinquent list, the approval of the Solid Waste Register from October 2023, and the approval of the Medical Examiner’s statement of fees (14).

In Monday’s meeting, the Chancery Clerk received approval for their payment for the term of court. The Board also discussed and approved a proposal from Ten-One Strategies for renewing the Lobbyist Contract. The Circuit Clerk obtained approval for Election Commissioners claim forms (5) and for their payment for services as Registrar. The Emergency Management department received approval to attend the MCDEMA 2023 Mid-Winter Emergency Management Education Conference in Bay St. Louis from November 14-16. The conference aims to enhance emergency management through education, public awareness, and professional development in Mississippi. Lastly, the approval was given for the deletion of an iPhone from the inventory.

During the meeting, the board reviewed bids for the Road Department to purchase five dump trucks and approved the lowest bid of $196,075.06 from TriState Truck Center. This decision will contribute to the department’s fleet expansion and maintenance efforts. Additionally, the board approved a longevity pay increase for Jeff Elder, recognizing his dedication and service to the department. In regards to the trailer quotes, the board approved the lower bid of $15,000.00 from Cleveland Sales. This will enable the department to acquire a trailer for various transportation needs.

The Tax Office received approvals for the October Surrendered Tag List, allowing for the proper handling of surrendered vehicle tags. The board also approved partial payments for property taxes, in accordance with Miss. Code Section 27-41-1, providing flexibility for taxpayers. Furthermore, the board granted approval for petition(s) for reduction of assessment, ensuring fair assessment practices for property owners.

In a recent meeting, the Sheriff’s Department addressed various matters,

The board approved the deletion of inventory items, including 2 computers, a printer, a TV, and a blower. The board also granted a pay increase for Ryan Owen, who successfully completed the Academy and obtained certification. This recognition highlights the department’s commitment to rewarding professional development and expertise. Additionally, a longevity pay increase was approved for Tiffany Erby, acknowledging her dedicated service to the department. In regards to the Solid Waste Department, the board approved a renewal of the Service Agreement with Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority. This agreement will ensure efficient waste management services for the community. Furthermore, the Volunteer Fire Departments received approval for inventory deletions, including 5 mobile radios from Alpine and 1 handheld radio from NE. These deletions reflect the departments’ efforts to streamline and update their equipment.

The meeting was then recessed and is scheduled to resume on Monday, November 20, 2023, at 10:00 am.

11-6-2023 Supervisors Meeting (Kenny S Studio)

Agenda, Union Co. Board of Supervisors, 11-6-2023

1. Consent agenda
a) Approve Statement of Expenditures for Tax Office from October 2023
b) Approve Statement of Expenditures for Sheriff s Department and Jail fromoctober20Z3
c) Approve Meal Log for Jail from October 2023
d) Approve Claims Docket payments from October2023
e) Approve Board Minutes from October 2023
0 Approve Road Department Work Schedule for November2}23
g) Approve 90-day Delinquent List
h) Approve Solid Waste Register fromOctober2}23
i) Approve Medical Examiner Statement of Fees (14)

2. Chancery Clerk
a) Approval of Chancery Clerk payment for term of court
b) Discuss proposal with Ten-One Strategiesfor renewing Lobbyist Contract
3. Circuit Clerk
a) Approval of Election Commissioners claim forms (5)
b) Approval of Circuit Clerk payment for services as Registrar
4. EMA
a) Approval of attending MCDEMA2A23 Mid-Winter Emergency Management Education
Conference, November 14-16, Bay St. Louis
b) Approval of inventory deletion of iPhone
5. Road Department
a) Discuss bids received on 5 Dump Trucks
b) Approval of longevity pay increase for Jeff Elder
c) Discuss quotes for trailer
6. Tax Office
a) Approval of October Surrendered Tag List
b) Approval of Partial Payments for Property Taxes (Miss. Code Section2T-41-l)
c) Approval of Petition(s) for Reduction of Assessment
7. Sheriff s Department
a) Approval of inventory deletions at Jail (2 computers, printer, TV, and blower)
b) Approval of inventory deletions (computer, desktop, and TV) at Sheriffls Department
c) Approval of pay increase for Ryan Owen after completing Academy and being certified
d) Approval of longevity pay increase for Tiffany Erby
8. Solid Waste Department
a) Approval of new Service Agreement with Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority
b) Approval of inventory deletions of 2 containers
9. Volunteer Fire Departments
a) Approval of inventory deletions(5 mobile radios from Alpine and t handheld radio from NE)
10. Recess to Monday, November 20,2023

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