Union County officials sworn in December 18, 2023

NEMiss.News Judge Jacqueline Mask in Union County Courthouse



Most of the newly elected of Union County, MS were sworn in today, December 18, 2023, at a ceremony at the Union County Courthouse.

Judge Jacqueline Mask, Senior Chancellor of the 8 counties of the First District Chancery Court administed the oaths of office. Many family members, friends and coworkers of the oath takers were present for the occasion. Jack Hickey, Youth Pastor at Hillcrest Baptist  Church, opened the meeting with a few words about the purpose of government and a prayer.

Those present to be sworn in today were:

Annette Hickey, Union County Chancery Court Clerk

Donna Treadaway, Union County Circuit Court Clerk

Joe Marshall Davis, Union County Attorney

Jimmy Edwards, Union County Sheriff

Tameri Dunnam, Union County Tax Assessor & Collector

Union County Supervisors:  Sam Taylor (District 1), Chad Cofley(District 2), C.J. Bright (District 3), Randy Owen (District 4), Steve Watson (District 5)

Pam Boman, Union County Coroner

David Garrison, Justice Court Judge

Chris Childers, Justice Court Judge

Election Commissioner District 2, Jumper

Election Commissioner  District 3, Mike Conway

Election Commissioner District 4, Mike Beam

Union County Sheriff’s Deputies

Union County Jail Staff

Video of the Oath Taking Ceremony (begins at about the 9 minutes mark) Courtesy Kenny S Studio


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