Walmart discounts membership 50%, supports on-line SNAP pay for those on government assistance




Walmart is launching a new way for customers who rely on government assistance programs in Mississippi to save money so they can live better. The new program, called Walmart+ Assist, allows people who receive government assistance benefits like SNAP to get 50% off a monthly or annual Walmart+ membership. The program aims to give all families – regardless of how they pay – access to the full suite of savings that the membership plan provides. That includes saving them time with free grocery deliveries, and money on free shipping and gas discounts.

The program is available to all eligible new and existing members.

This is not the first time Walmart has innovated to support customers who use government assistance. In June 2020, Walmart began allowing customers in Mississippi to pay with their SNAP benefits online through the USDA’s SNAP Online Purchase pilot. With the recent addition of Alaska into the program, Walmart is now the first retailer to accept SNAP benefits online in all 50 states.

The program is available to all eligible new and existing members. Existing members who qualify and sign up will receive a prorated refund and the new price will start immediately. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit to see plan benefits, how it works and to verify your eligibility through SheerID.
  2. Sign up for a Walmart+ Assist membership at the new price of $6.47/month or $49/year.
  3. Start enjoying all the benefits of your new Walmart+ membership.

Andrea Morris

on behalf of Walmart


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