Was it a riot or a parade?

NEMiss.News Police escort


Eighteen or 20 law enforcement vehicles went blazing by Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County late Wednesday night.

It was 10 p.m. There were both Union County Sheriff’s Office and New Albany Police Department cars almost bumper-to-bumper. Blue lights flashing and sirens wailing. A major crime in New Albany? A  post-election brawl between Trumpers and anti-Trumpers?

Then, about midway of the parade, a big yellow school bus roaring along, keeping pace with all the police cruisers.

Down the hill on Highway 30 then turning east on Highway 178 (Bankhead) Street, police cars and a school bus making a racket speeding through sleepy downtown New Albany late on a weekday night.

Here’s what was the big deal:
Earlier in the day Wednesday, two East Union High School teams had won the state MHSAA 2A championship in long distance running. Both the girls’ team and the boys’ team had won their state championship.

The winning endurance runners from the East Union teams were on the yellow bus and enjoying a major police escort as they headed back east to their school near Blue Springs.

The two East Union state championships were actually the second and third of the week for Union County endurance runners. The West  Union boys won the state 1A long distance championship two days earlier on Monday, Nov. 7.

The Ingomar School volley ball team team won its championship last month.

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