J.M. Stevens will perform at the Union County Heritage Museum Thursday November 10

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Performer, musician and songwriter J.M. Stevens will perform at the Union County Heritage Museum on Thursday. Nov. 10, 6 p.m. At the Beyond the Tracks show.

The West Point, Mississippi native began playing music when he was about eight years old. His family was musical. His mother, Carolyn Houston of New Albany, was a singer and pianist. When he was in high school his older brother Rogers was selling millions of records as guitarists in Blind Melon.

An unfortunate event when he was a teenager furthered his music but left him injured. A terrible automobile/train wreck derailed his life for months. So he spent the recuperation time playing the guitar. When he graduated from high school , the guitar led him on a rock and roll path , following in the footsteps of his brother. He ended up in Austin, Texas, where he lives today. He went there because of the music scene.
Opening a small recording studio, he began recording other musicians as well as himself. He told stories through his own songwriting. He formed the band Moonlight Towers, began touring and then opened his next recording studio EAR in East Austin.

After years of supplementing his income with odd jobs, because he is devoted to music, he now plays music full time. He writes, he records and he performs. Stevens played with Craig Finn on the Hold Steady’s European tour He played with Blind Mellon filling in for his brother on the South African tour. Currently the New Albany Nov. 10 performance is one of the stops on his November Nights Tour through cities from Austin, Tx through the eastern area of the US.

This is his second time to appear at the museum. The public is invited, and the event is free. Bring and friend and join the music at the museum. For more information call 662-538-0014. The museum is located at 114 Cleveland Street, New Albany.

Jill Smith, Director
Union County Heritage Museum
114 Cleveland Street
New Albany, MS 38652

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