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First, thank you to the thousands of north Mississippi readers who have made NEMiss.News their favorite source of news and information during the last eight years.

We hope you enjoy the new format you are seeing today for the first time. The type is sharper and easier to read, the graphics are brighter. It should be more convenient to use on the small screens of smart phones.

We now have our own dedicated high-speed file server that should make everything posted on NEMiss.News load faster.

NEMiss.News was a novelty when it was first launched in February, 2015. It was the first independent internet news website in the state. It was not affiliated with any newspaper or television station.

NEMiss.News was created at a time when the business of gathering and publishing news was going through a violent storm of change. For the previous few hundred years, people were accustomed to getting most of their news from newspapers. Television and radio had a share of the market, but never the dominance enjoyed by newspapers.

Then, about 30 years ago, came the Internet. First used by scientists and information specialists, the Internet was accessible to relatively few people until the early 2000s. Most people with any Internet service at all had slow “dial up” connections which were only slightly useful. Remember dialing a telephone connected to a computer and finally hearing that “boing, boing” sound and the hissing noise that said you’d made a not-quite-adequate connection with what was then called the “World Wide Web?” You could load a 150-word document in maybe 30 seconds. A small full color photograph might load in four or five minutes.

The last eight years have brought change at an accelerating rate. Internet speeds are faster, even in small communities in north Mississippi, and are about to improve dramatically during the coming year.

We started several months ago working with New Albany website developer Lance Moore of MooreSites, Inc. to create the bright new design you see today.

We are more committed than ever to assuring that every story you see on NEMiss.News is based on solid facts, information from original sources.

We appreciate your patience as we have work to bring you more information in a user-friendly format.

As always, NEMiss.News remains free to readers and to those who have public, non-commercial information to share with the community. Our website is supported solely by our advertisers, many of whom have been with us from the beginning. Please express your gratitude to them whenever possible.

We would love to have your comments, questions and/or suggestions as this new format is tweaked.



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