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Steve Patterson: Hubris, the snake has bit us

      There it was lurking in plain sight. It had been overlooked for generations by many and actually celebrated by a few. We all knew it was there. We all heard its hissing sounds. Most of us had been taught it was deadly, but damn if we didn’t love the defiant sound of […]

Steve Patterson: “Once upon a time in America”

  New Albany, MS – I like words. Words are powerful. Words have meanings. Words can incite anger or invoke passion or bring solace. They have the power to bring people together or tear them apart. Words are powerful and should be written and spoken with extreme care. As I reflect on the subject of […]

Steve Patterson: Where is L. Q. C. LAMAR when we need him?

I don’t like cowards. I abhor cowardly, weak leadership! I have no patience for those political leaders who stand timidly on the sidelines, avoid controversy at all cost, and allow popular opinion, no matter how ill informed, to run amuck and do a lasting disservice to the people they have pledged themselves to serve. Sadly, […]

Steve Patterson: A eulogy to three old friends

          I have attended far too many funerals lately. Seems like all my old friends are dying. Alas, that’s what happens when one reaches my age. We all start to lose old friends and beloved family members. Sometimes, they die. Sometimes, they move far away. And sometimes, time and circumstances just […]