Union County Supervisor’s December Meetings Recap




At the December 18 meeting, Sam Taylor, District 1,was elected as President and Cj Bright, District 3, asVice President for 2024 and routine matters such as expenditures, claims, and board minutes received approval.

The board of supervisors discussed amending the Portable Home Ordinance and Mobile Home Ordinance to include portable home parks under the same regulations as mobile home parks. This decision was prompted by the rise in companies buying land and placing portable homes, making them similar to mobile home parks. A public hearing is scheduled for January 2, 2024, at 10:am, to consider adopting these amendments.

The board discussed the Chancery Court case regarding Vacating the Plat of Gray Subdivision, Phase 1 and 2. They approved an agreement letter to be submitted for the case. This suggests that the board has reached an agreement related to the vacating of the subdivision plat.

Several important decisions were made regarding voting precincts, appointments, routine administratiave matters.

  • The Circuit Clerk received approval to change the voting precinct location in District 5. Voters will now go to Hall’s Construction Company on 1354 Hwy. 30 East, New Albany. This change aims to provide better accessibility and convenience for voters in that district.
  • The board approved the appointment of Wanona Lea Jumper to fill the unexpired term of Bill Azlin as the 2nd District Election Commissioner. This appointment will ensure the smooth functioning of the election process in the district.
  • Routine matters related to the work of the Circuit Clerk’s office were also approved by the board. These matters encompass various administrative tasks and responsibilities that are essential for the efficient operation of the office.

Discussions of County financial matters included:

  • The Chancery Clerk received approval to advertise for a county depository. This step is taken to identify a suitable financial institution to handle the county’s funds and ensure proper management and accountability.
  • The board reviewed and approved the county budget comparison report for November 2023. This report provides an overview of the county’s financial status and helps in making informed decisions regarding budget allocations and expenditures.
  • After careful consideration and review, the supervisors approved the transfer of the one mill mandatory fund balance to the general fund. The amount of $204,219.65 will be transferred, as per the letter received from the Department of Revenue. This transfer will contribute to the overall financial stability and management of the county.

In departmental matters, the following decisions were approved.

  • The Justice Court received approval to hire Amanda Jumper as a new deputy Court clerk, ensuring the smooth functioning of the court.
  • The Emergency Management department was granted permission for Stacie Thompson to attend the lAED Course for Dispatchers, enhancing their skills and knowledge.
  • The Sheriff’s office received approval to renew the Tiger Food Service Contract, ensuring continued provision of quality food services.
  • The Sheriff also obtained approval for travel and lodging to attend the 2023 Winter Sheriff’s Conference, promoting professional development.
  • Additionally, a manual check of $1,658.00 was approved to replace a drone, benefiting the operations of the respective department.

The Solid Waste department and supervisors discussed the need for an increase cost in garbage pick-up and additional garbage cans due to price increases at the dumping site. This action was placed under advisment. Other departments also received approval for routine matters.

The next Union County Supervisors’ meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 2, 2024, at 10:00 am.


Video from December 18th meeting (Kenny S Studio) – https://youtu.be/V-KY8RoMBKk?si=2Ybonb0eqovJd16Y

–Kendall Stancil









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