New Albany firemen have smoke alarms for local homes

NEMiss.News NAFD firemen with smoke alarms


The New Albany Fire Department (NAFD) has again partnered up with American Red Cross for fire safety.

“We have smoke alarms in stock at this time which were furnished to us by Red Cross,” said NAFD Chief Mark Whiteside.

“This fits right in with our beliefs and practices of Community Risk Reductions,” said Whiteside. “We work diligently towards prevention for life safety.

“The fire alarms will be free to homeowners within the New Albany city limits. They will be installed in homes by trained NAFD personnel.

“We will start this week with the list we have on file of people who have requested smoke alarms. The alarms have 10-year batteries.”

Homeowners needing fire alarms can call the non-emergency number, 662-534-1000, at Fire Station #1 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

“Please keep in mind,” said the Fire Chief, “that New Albany has an ordinance in place requiring owners of rental property to have smoke alarms installed in all rental units.”


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